Atlas Obscura

Campaign Make It Matter
Strategy Emma Suojanen 
Copywriter/Creative Direction Nick Papa
Producer Jeanette Moreland
Designer Caroline Carew

Make It Matter

The world of travel hit a temporary pause button in March 2020. In this moment of stillness, curious travelers everywhere anticipate a return to their adventures. When we travel again, our time out in the world will be more meaningful than ever. So we created a campaign that tells our explorers they can count on Atlas Obscura to make it matter.

Some travelers scratch the surface. Atlas Obscura travelers seek deeper understanding and meaning. They travel with purpose — to discover the world's hidden wonders, see communities up close, and have a positive impact.

If a trip does more harm than good, Atlas Obscura doesn't offer it. Through digital and social extensions, we demonstrated how our travelers can seek wonder while meaningfully contributing to the places they explore.

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