Nick Papa

Planet earth’s #1 accommodation site. The Google of hotel websites. As a copywriter, I wrote everything from hotel descriptions to destination recommendations and travel guides — everything you need to decide why to travel to a city or stay at a hotel. Point is, I managed copy and photography for more than 500 hotels in New York City and the surrounding metropolitan area, and managed to prove that even the smallest updates to ensuring quality content could generate more than $1m in incremental revenue for our market.

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Travel Guides

Working as a copywriter at involved more than writing. We created copy experiments to test the impact of copy, analyse metrics and develop marketing strategies. One example is travel guides, which are typically considered a top-of-funnel marketing strategy. We tested what happens when users are presented with this content after making a booking and found that the cancellation rate decreased by almost half. Helpful travel guides equaled loyalty and were rolled out across all major markets.

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Hotel Content

Luxury hotels. Apartments. Houseboats. Shacks by the beach. Cabins in the woods. I wrote hundreds if not thousands of hotel descriptions that were translated into 42 different languages. That means I got to work with a large team of language specialists to discuss (and learn) about cultural sensitivities, and how to communicate ideas and context in a clear manner so that my copy worked for every user searching for accommodation around the world.

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