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By the end of 2016, the embargo on travel to Cuba for US citizens was eased under President Obama and the first commercial flights to Havana took off. I was on one of them. Cuba Travel Network needed a way to communicate its unique selling points to the American market, and I helped them create social-first content that actually demonstrated their added value. By collaborating with influencers, photographers and writers, we told authentic stories about travel to Cuba that weren’t being told anywhere else.

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“Photography in Cuba: It’s Not Easy,” reads a 2015 New York Times headline. I sent New York-based photographer Jorge Quinteros to Havana to prove them wrong. In partnership with Moment Lenses, he made his way around Havana shooting people and places with his iPhone 6 — returning with plenty of photography tips and travel advice for American travellers. 

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Havana is rough around the edges. But the city has a fashionable side, too. I worked with world-famous fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni to take a whirlwind tour of the capitol. Everywhere she went, she created content that showed even the most well-heeled travellers will find architecture and landscapes as beautiful as any city in Latin America.

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Street eats in Havana. Photo by @katiefresca.

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Almost everyone agrees there’s plenty to see and do in Cuba. But what about the food? To dispel the rumours that Havana has no good restaurants, I sent Emily Elyse Miller, author of Phaidon’s Breakfast: The Cookbook to meet the best chefs and eat like a local, while photographer Katie Fresca snapped photos of her favourite spots along the way.

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