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By the end of 2016, Obama eased the embargo on US travel to Cuba. But Americans had to be convinced to visit a place with no Wi-Fi or ride hailing apps. Enter Cuba Travel Network.

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I came up with a content strategy that speaks to American travelers. Working with influencers, I produced social media content that inspired travel to Cuba. And, through each collaboration, we reaffirmed the added value of Cuba Travel Network.

"Photography in Cuba: It's Not Easy," reads a New York Times headline. We disagreed, so we sent New York-based photographer Jorge Quinteros to Havana. In partnership with Moment Lenses, he captured the city on his iPhone 6. He returned with plenty of photography tips and travel advice for Americans.

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Havana is rough around the edges. But it has a sense of style all its own. We asked fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni to dress to the nines and hit the town. She showed well-heeled travelers there's a cosmopolitan city to discover.

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Street eats in Havana. Photo by @katiefresca.

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We wanted to dispel rumors that Havana has no good restaurants. So we asked Emily Elyse Miller, the author of Phaidon's BREAKFAST: The Cookbook, to help us out. She met with chefs and visited the city's best kitchens to share tips on where to eat.

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This content helped tell stories that weren't told elsewhere. The Instagram account grew from 3,000 followers to more than 10,000 in less than a year. American fans also increased from 25% to almost 75% of total followers. And we started seeing social media-assisted conversions on a monthly basis.

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